Trial begins 12/6/10

MWB Frank Haas will be in court on Monday 12/6/10.

The Judge has apparently ruled in a pre-trial hearing the following:

1. The Grand Master did not have the authority to expel a member based on the Laws of Masonry (West Virginia Lawbook).
2. The State of West Virginia has the authority to rule and force a private organization to follow its own rules.
3. The Grand Lodge had filed a motion to NOT allow any discussions regarding race. Their argument was that race was not pertinent to the case. She denied it and my understanding is that she indicated that it IS pertinent to the case.

A Mason

13 Responses to “Trial begins 12/6/10”

  1. Adam Kadmon Says:

    That's all anyone has ever wanted - for the Grand Lodge to follow it's own rules and be the organization it says it is.

  2. Jim Goltz Says:

    I only recently found out about this whole issue, and I'll be following it with great interest. I have to say, I've only recently been initiated and if I lived in West Virginia and knew about this whole affair, I would not have bothered, as the difference between what Freemasonry professes and West Virginia Freemasonry practices would have dissuaded me. I really hope the WV Grand Lodge comes to its senses.

  3. Charles E. Martin Says:

    The situation is an unhappy one. BUT- I hope for a favorable outcome, that will reflect well on Masonry, and on West Virginia Masonry. I pray that Brother Haas, will have justice. May brotherly love and peace prevail.

  4. Torence Says:

    What do the rising Grand Line Officers think about continuing this course? Surely, their fealty must belong to the Craft in West Virginia rather than to the state's Past Grand Masters.

    Torence Evans Ake
    Secretary - Auburn Park Lodge No. 789 - Crete, Illinois
    PM - Arcadia Lodge No. 1138 - Lansing, Illinois

  5. Terry Carpenter Says:

    I pray that the Courts allows Brother Haas to put an end to the reign of terror the MWGLWV uses at the hands of the less enlighten brothers from Wheeling. Let's form our own Grand Lodge of WV and then we will not have all the restrictions imposed by these brothers ruling in darkness.

  6. Nelson King Says:

    I wonder how many hundreds of thousands of dollars this has cost the GL of W.Va so far........

  7. David Beaver Says:

    Form a new lodge in WV? Terry you might be on to something. It would be alot of work, but worth the effort.

  8. Adam Kadmon Says:

    A new GL in WV? We've talked about it here before. All we need are two Grand Lodges with the intestinal fortitude to help charter it and it'll go over. Brothers in WV long for true Masonry and are sick of the purple apron mafia bullying them. THEY HAVE NO REAL POWER.

  9. Terry Carpenter Says:

    Thanks David. Maybe the courts will form one for WV. We'll have to see. It seems to me that Most of the PGM of WV have forgotten their rituals and obligations. It's shameful the way they treat their brothers .

  10. Albert H McClelland Says:

    Please tell me how to gain access to your new site.

    Al McClelland, PM, MPS, QCCC

    I am a Indiana Mason

  11. Geno Nairn Says:

    What is happening in WV is good for masonry. For to long some grand Masters think they are a power unto themselves at the detriment of the order. brothers need to read more and enlighten themselves on masonry and their constitutions and stop living in fear and stand up for justice and truth.

  12. Nelson King Says:

    I hope the Masons in W.VA have a lot of money. For they will be paying for the cost of the Lawyers etc. The Grand Lodge no doubt they will be making their members pay.

  13. John Sielke Says:

    After having read all of this affair, it would seem appropriate for ALL Grand Lodges in the United States to disown the Grand Lodge of West Virginia. It is unbelievable that this could happen in Masonry. Having been a Mason for 32 years, if I lived in West Virginia I would be embarrassed to admit it.