Luxembourg versus the United States?


Now that the MW Grand Lodge has taken umbrage at the MW Grand Lodge of Ohio's treatment of Brother Frank Haas, you are now not allowed to visit the largest Masonic jurisdiction in the world. Does the Grand Lodge of West Virginia really expect that the Grand Lodge of Ohio will feel the loss of visitation from one of the smallest ( albeit neighboring ) Grand Lodges? The West Virginia brethren may feel different? I know all along the river brethren have enjoyed their visits to Ohio Lodges. There they were able to see and participate in Masonic activities that have long been forbidden here... Things like pledging allegiance to our flag, seeing a disabled American veteran made a mason or allowing a brother to take his obligation on a book that is sacred to him.

This is not the first time that we've not been allowed to cross the river. The last time it was over Prince Hall recognition. It seems that Grand Lodge doesn't trust us to understand, let alone keep our obligations. Instead they interpret for us, tell us what is and is not allowed. They do it very apologetically, always saying that we must follow the lawbook. If a bold brother chances to ask about changing the lawbook, they carefully explain that of course it can be changed and all anyone needs do is submit In Proper Form legislation to modify our lawbook. I find it ironic that a PGM and lawyer has for the last couple years has been unable to figure out just what proper form is, that a Judge does not understand our lawbook and Robert's Rules of Order, or that educated men cannot count and do simple arithmetic?

I realize that this sounds like an oxymoron, but there is an agenda here... by not being allowed to visit Ohio, you won't be distracted from pure ancient craft masonry in it finest! I recall hearing our Grand Lecturer state at Grand Lodge that he was opposed to having foreign degree teams confer here as the brethren might get ideas...

Brethren the time is upon us that we must stand up and be counted! Take the time to respectfully tell the Grand Master what your feelings are. You've very little Masonry left to lose if you don't and everything to gain if you do!

A Mason

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  1. Hear hear! Says:

    Keep the faith, Brethren, and let your Grand Lodge that they need to put aside their archaic and racist ideals and come into the 21st Century like the rest of the world! The future of Freemasonry in West Virginia, and I can only imagine the shame that Brothers that have more than a 5th grade education that the Grand Lodge of WV is so determined to implode the Craft.

  2. What ever became of Bro. Haas' Lawsuit? Says:

    Was there ever a decision issue by a Judge regarding Bro. Haas' lawsuit against the GL of W. Virginia?

  3. admin Says:

    The Lawsuit is scheduled to start in late July. I believe then the Grand Lodge will realize (too late) that their archaic racist ideals will not play well in the public arena.

    A Mason

  4. Torence Evans Ake Says:

    The incorporation of Executive, Judiciary and Legislative decsion capacity into a singlular person is fundamentally unAmerican. Since the time of the Magna Charta, time has proven that Law by the Will of a Sovereign is really no law at all. What is needed in all U.S. jurisidictions is that a Bill for Masonic Rights and Duties be incorporated into our Constitutions and By-Laws. Such a document would negate past bad decisions and overwrite the badly conceived and inappropriate codifications that currently exist.
    If West Virginia were to adopt one, say one that includes such notions as habeous corpus - the requirement that any act of intervetnion into a lodge or discipline against a member require the Grand Master to produce a body for judicial review, notions of freedom of speeech and religion etc., then Masonry in at least one jruisdiction will graduate to be an American enterprise rather than this thing that we have had passed to us, "as is."

    Torence Evans Ake
    Secretary - Auburn Park Lodge No. 789 - Crete, Illinois
    PM - Arcadia lodge No. 1138 - Lansing, Illinois

  5. An Ohio Mason Says:

    GL of West Virginia gets away with their racist and odd ball behavior simply because there is no penalty for doing so. If the majority of GL's decided to very publically drop all fraternal recognition and treat GL of West Virginia as an irregular Masonic body, and hold to their positions for as long as it takes, somebody in WV might just wake up. How about asking the GL that chartered GL West Virginia to drop recognition and declare them irregular. Maybe UGLE could declare them irregular for their avowed racist unmasonic ideals.

    When the political leadership of WV gets the idea that MASON = RACIST in WV, they might just exercise a little push to GL WV.

  6. John Conroy Says:

    I have the out most sympathy for my WV brethren. Their MW GL actions have placed a stain of dishonor on them and the craft.

  7. An Ohio Mason Says:

    From MWB Terry Posey's bio:

    "He graduated from the University of Dayton magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice. During his last three years as a police officer, he attended The Capital University Law School in Columbus Ohio, earning a Juris Doctor cum laude in 1987. He was a member of the Pi Alpha Delta legal fraternity and Order of the Coif. He currently is a trial attorney in private practice with the firm of Posey and Caspar of Dayton Ohio. His practice involves primarily personal injury, domestic relations, and representing injured employees before Ohio pension funds."

    In a game of 5 Card Stud, it's MWB Gregory A. Riley, Sr's turn to raise or fold. MWB Posey knows EXACTLY what he is doing, and how to send the message. In the age of instant communication and Internet access, the GL of WV can run but not hide behind their perceived wall of Masonic secrecy, because it no longer exists. We can and will keep pointing the 1,000,000 candlepower light of TRUTH right on GL WV until they see the LIGHT.

  8. Torence Evans Ake Says:

    Does any hope remain for "The Wheeling Reforms?" Has West Virginia adopted any parts of the program since the trouble between individuals began?

    Torence Evans Ake
    Secretary - Auburn Park Lodge No. 789 - Crete, Illinois
    PM - Arcadia Lodge No. 1138 - Lasning, Illinois

  9. A Mason Says:

    Nothing yet. The lawsuit goes to court late July. We are hoping for a fix then.

    A Mason

  10. Adam Kadmon Says:

    Even if the suit is in Haas's favor it is doubtful that anything will change in West Virginia aside from his standing as a Mason.

  11. Martha Says:

    Why don't the WV masons that want to sit in Prince Hall lodges - join the prince hall masons and leave the GL of WV. Problem solved.

  12. A Mason Says:


    Is it really that easy? How about those that think it is wrong to force a minority to set in the back of the bus, set in the back with them? Wrong is wrong and walking away and ignoring it is wrong. The Grand Lodge is wrong. The majority of the brethren are unaware of the issue. They would not support the Grand Lodge if they knew. Grand Lodge likes the brethren unaware.

    The fact that the Wheeling reforms were voted in fairly and then illegally edicted out is the issue. The brethren wanted change. They voted for it. Their vote was stolen and brethren were expelled for speaking out. They are now afraid. Fear rules our brotherhood. The Grand Master rules with fear and retaliation.

    A Mason

  13. Torence Says:

    “The Wheeling Reforms” if I remember right was more than recognition for Prince Hall. Please correct me for accuracy but these are the twenty-first century “reforms” adopted in 2006 that were later set aside.
    ☼ Permitting youth groups such as the Demolay, Rainbow Girls and Job’s Daughters to use Masonic Buildings in West Virginia for their meetings.
    ☼ Permission for West Virginia Master Masons to serve as Patrons of the Order of the
    Eastern Star,
    ☼ The introduction of plural memberships
    ☼ Permission for Lodges to give to 501 © 3 Charities outside the Masonic family.
    ☼ Permission for Lodges to recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of Our Country
    ☼ A loosening of restrictions on certain books now banned in Masonic Lodges in West
    ☼ Setting aside the perfect man rule to admit candidates with disabilities
    ☼ Funeral reform
    ☼ Permitting Masonic services in West Virginia involving cremains
    ☼ Greater freedom for Lodges to publicly lay cornerstones
    ☼ The decision to join West Virginia to the Masonic Service Association
    ☼ Permission for lodges to invite Foreign Lodges into West Virginia for the purpose of
    exemplifying that other jurisdiction’s work
    And my personal favorite:
    ☼ A lifting of the ban on the use of profanity by Master Masons
    Has any of these elements been later adopted or is all of this progress put on hold by the Leadership in West Virginia?

    Torence Evans Ake
    Secretary – Auburn Park Lodge No. 789 – Crete, Illinois
    PM – Arcadia Lodge No. 1138 – Lansing, Illinois

  14. A Mason Says:

    No at this moment none of the reforms have been enacted. A few have been brought up from time to time but jurisprudence refuses to allow them to pass to the floor. Always some vague comment about not being in proper form.

    A Mason

  15. Wes Kretzer Says:

    Having grown up in Huntington , WV, but being an Ohio Mason, I must say, MWB Terry Posey has MADE ME PROUD to be an Ohio Mason, and I had an opportunity to tell him so as well. To which he responded, "we did what is right"....

    I'm so proud to be a Mason, and work very hard for the craft... I am embarrased and ashamed at the actions taken by the GL of WV, and genuinely pray that the brethen stick together and FORCE corrective action.


  16. Nelson King Says:

    Brethren: I have not been active in Freemasonry as I am awaiting a liver transplant and Masonic Relief for Cuba keeps me busy.
    If I am not mistaken every Mason that has taken his GL to court has won his case. I hope this is the same for this case.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    So Sorry, Brother King, to read that you are not feeling well. You have been a true, blue Mason and well read in many forums. Here is hoping that your surgery will go smoothly; and I am very pleased to read here that you still find time to give something back to the fraternity regardless of your personal circumstances. God speed to a full recovery.

    Torence Evans Ake
    Secretary - Auburn Park Lodge No. 789 - Crete, Illlinois
    PM - Arcadia Lodge No. 1138 - Lansing, Illinois

  18. Earl Wells Says:

    A Good Man Is A Good Man. As we know that Masonry Looks At A Man"s Internal Qualifications, And Not The External Qualifications That Freemasonry Regards. With That Being Mentioned We As Masons Know And Are Taught That All Men Are Created Equal And Endowed From Our Creator.

    In The Faith,
    Earl Wells
    Phoenix Lodge# 123
    Perrysburg, Ohio

  19. Torence Evans Ake Says:

    Actually, men are created unequal. What a dull world it would be if we were all cut from the same stuff and pulled from the same mold.
    But as long as all men are equal in the eyesight of T.G.A.O.T.U., I will go along with the gist of your premise.

    Torence Evans Ake
    Secretary - Auburn Park Lodge No. 789 - Crete, Illinois
    PM - Arcadia Lodge No. 1138 - Lansing, Illinois