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Why is this still here?

Monday, August 8th, 2016

It has been a long time since I last posted here. As I think back to the me and the life that was, the last time I posted, it was a different world.

We now live in a world that it's possible for a person who legitimately demitted from one GL to another and held membership in two jurisdictions could be expelled without trial or representation. Those same two jurisdictions would also ignore their rules and blink. The disease has spread and continues to spread. It's a world that Masters and Secretaries can be removed for not doing Grand Lodge's bidding even though it clearly violated the Laws of Masonry! The brethren are afraid. The leadership is weak and vengeful. The membership is aging and declining at a steep rate. I have not seen the statistics for years, but I am certain it is at an all time low? It is a poor joke, but West Virginia has become the North Korea of modern Freemasonry.

Brethren ( and know that I still think of you that way) it is beyond my comprehension as to how this can happen? There are by any count at least 7 good members of WV Masonry that have been expelled for having opinions counter to GL. Why is there no reconciliation? Where is the good counsel, whispered or spoken loudly? Why is it that a convicted felon can be reinstated but not Frank Haas? As has been asked here many times before, what exactly did Frank do? Lest there be any confusion, the court did find in his favor. The mystery will always be why the Judge never clearly put that into writing?

As for me... I still believe in my heart, where it counts. I still remember my lessons and the catechism. I still try daily to be better than myself. I refuse to allow a charlie, chuck or jim to take that away. I find it almost comical that when I encounter some of their minions around town, they seem to fear me, as if I am diseased or an untouchable. Men who used to offer a friendly hand and welcome, will cowardly walk on the other side of a parking lot to avoid me. Where in all the teachings of Masonry is this taught?

So why is this still here..... Because it matters. Because it is something special and not just another men's club. I feel great pain in how much ruin has come to something I love so much. I feel the need to be honest and admit that if I could go back and talk with the me 10 years ago, I would say do it! I have no regrets. I sleep well at night and know in my heart of hearts I did something. I stood for something. I would do it all again!

I hope all the brethren someday realize that the simple truth is.....


No one won. We all lost.