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Opportunity to help

Sunday, December 19th, 2010


Many have asked how to help? Here is your chance. On the right sidebar you will notice a new widget that links to a site where you can donate to help defer the cost of MWB Frank's legal fees. Your donation can be completely anonymous.

We are working on a way for a donation to be mailed in for those who prefer to send a check to a financial institution directly. More on that later.

Brethren, please read Frank's account of what happened and search your conscience. Give as liberally as you can........

The direct link to the site is


MWB Frank Joseph Haas PGM’s Reflections

Thursday, December 16th, 2010


Words of great wisdom from my friend and Grand Master....

Reflections on my trial

I won what became a bitter contest, because the Court ruled, as I said from the beginning, that there had been a breach of contract: the Grand Lodge did not follow its own law, which forms a contract with all its members. The Grand Lodge denied my right to a fair Masonic trial. The Court also separately ruled that grand masters cannot summarily expel any members, and it is unreasonable and unenforceable if they do. However, without injunctive relief, which I also requested, winning is a Pyrrhic victory: it feels empty, like this whole process. The true loser in this sad affair is our gentle Craft in West Virginia and those many honorable Masons who suffer in silence while the in-crowd crows about dodging a bullet.