Why is this still here?

August 8th, 2016

It has been a long time since I last posted here. As I think back to the me and the life that was, the last time I posted, it was a different world.

We now live in a world that it's possible for a person who legitimately demitted from one GL to another and held membership in two jurisdictions could be expelled without trial or representation. Those same two jurisdictions would also ignore their rules and blink. The disease has spread and continues to spread. It's a world that Masters and Secretaries can be removed for not doing Grand Lodge's bidding even though it clearly violated the Laws of Masonry! The brethren are afraid. The leadership is weak and vengeful. The membership is aging and declining at a steep rate. I have not seen the statistics for years, but I am certain it is at an all time low? It is a poor joke, but West Virginia has become the North Korea of modern Freemasonry.

Brethren ( and know that I still think of you that way) it is beyond my comprehension as to how this can happen? There are by any count at least 7 good members of WV Masonry that have been expelled for having opinions counter to GL. Why is there no reconciliation? Where is the good counsel, whispered or spoken loudly? Why is it that a convicted felon can be reinstated but not Frank Haas? As has been asked here many times before, what exactly did Frank do? Lest there be any confusion, the court did find in his favor. The mystery will always be why the Judge never clearly put that into writing?

As for me... I still believe in my heart, where it counts. I still remember my lessons and the catechism. I still try daily to be better than myself. I refuse to allow a charlie, chuck or jim to take that away. I find it almost comical that when I encounter some of their minions around town, they seem to fear me, as if I am diseased or an untouchable. Men who used to offer a friendly hand and welcome, will cowardly walk on the other side of a parking lot to avoid me. Where in all the teachings of Masonry is this taught?

So why is this still here..... Because it matters. Because it is something special and not just another men's club. I feel great pain in how much ruin has come to something I love so much. I feel the need to be honest and admit that if I could go back and talk with the me 10 years ago, I would say do it! I have no regrets. I sleep well at night and know in my heart of hearts I did something. I stood for something. I would do it all again!

I hope all the brethren someday realize that the simple truth is.....


No one won. We all lost.







Opportunity to help

December 19th, 2010


Many have asked how to help? Here is your chance. On the right sidebar you will notice a new widget that links to a site where you can donate to help defer the cost of MWB Frank's legal fees. Your donation can be completely anonymous.

We are working on a way for a donation to be mailed in for those who prefer to send a check to a financial institution directly. More on that later.

Brethren, please read Frank's account of what happened and search your conscience. Give as liberally as you can........

The direct link to the site is http://www.giveforward.com/frankhaaslegalfees


MWB Frank Joseph Haas PGM’s Reflections

December 16th, 2010


Words of great wisdom from my friend and Grand Master....

Reflections on my trial

I won what became a bitter contest, because the Court ruled, as I said from the beginning, that there had been a breach of contract: the Grand Lodge did not follow its own law, which forms a contract with all its members. The Grand Lodge denied my right to a fair Masonic trial. The Court also separately ruled that grand masters cannot summarily expel any members, and it is unreasonable and unenforceable if they do. However, without injunctive relief, which I also requested, winning is a Pyrrhic victory: it feels empty, like this whole process. The true loser in this sad affair is our gentle Craft in West Virginia and those many honorable Masons who suffer in silence while the in-crowd crows about dodging a bullet.

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Trial begins 12/6/10

November 25th, 2010

MWB Frank Haas will be in court on Monday 12/6/10.

The Judge has apparently ruled in a pre-trial hearing the following:

1. The Grand Master did not have the authority to expel a member based on the Laws of Masonry (West Virginia Lawbook).
2. The State of West Virginia has the authority to rule and force a private organization to follow its own rules.
3. The Grand Lodge had filed a motion to NOT allow any discussions regarding race. Their argument was that race was not pertinent to the case. She denied it and my understanding is that she indicated that it IS pertinent to the case.

A Mason

Masonic Brother denied WV Funeral

November 25th, 2010

Brethren a most tragic event has happened. A brother who resided and passed in West Virginia but a member of an Ohio lodge was denied a Masonic funeral by Randy Martin. It was all done in the name of the edict passed by Greg Riley.  The unnamed brother (out of respect for the family) was a well respected and accomplished mason. Irregardless of that fact,  even had he been a simple member of the craft he deserved better. We have we sank to a level lower than I expected of Grand Lodge.

I am told the brother's family had a team of brethren travel from Ohio to respect his last wishes, but no West Virginia masons were allowed to participate. This barring of West Virginia participants was apparently done by order of the Grand Master of West Virginia. The Grand Lodge of Ohio would have allowed West Virginia participants, in much the same way that the edict severing relations was not reciprocated by Ohio. West Virginia masons are still quite welcome in Ohio lodges as long as they don't mind risking their membership....

Lastly, lest the fanboys of Grand Lodge point out that there was a masonic funeral held, understand that if there had been some sort of "Masonic Police" the Grand Lodge of West Virginia would not have allowed the funeral to happen here. The simple fact is that they do not have nearly as much control as they imagine. They cannot control anyone (including you) unless you let them. With the recent rulings from Judge Webster, they are starting to have it explained to them....

A Mason

Luxembourg versus the United States?

May 2nd, 2010


Now that the MW Grand Lodge has taken umbrage at the MW Grand Lodge of Ohio's treatment of Brother Frank Haas, you are now not allowed to visit the largest Masonic jurisdiction in the world. Does the Grand Lodge of West Virginia really expect that the Grand Lodge of Ohio will feel the loss of visitation from one of the smallest ( albeit neighboring ) Grand Lodges? The West Virginia brethren may feel different? I know all along the river brethren have enjoyed their visits to Ohio Lodges. There they were able to see and participate in Masonic activities that have long been forbidden here... Things like pledging allegiance to our flag, seeing a disabled American veteran made a mason or allowing a brother to take his obligation on a book that is sacred to him.

This is not the first time that we've not been allowed to cross the river. The last time it was over Prince Hall recognition. It seems that Grand Lodge doesn't trust us to understand, let alone keep our obligations. Instead they interpret for us, tell us what is and is not allowed. They do it very apologetically, always saying that we must follow the lawbook. If a bold brother chances to ask about changing the lawbook, they carefully explain that of course it can be changed and all anyone needs do is submit In Proper Form legislation to modify our lawbook. I find it ironic that a PGM and lawyer has for the last couple years has been unable to figure out just what proper form is, that a Judge does not understand our lawbook and Robert's Rules of Order, or that educated men cannot count and do simple arithmetic?

I realize that this sounds like an oxymoron, but there is an agenda here... by not being allowed to visit Ohio, you won't be distracted from pure ancient craft masonry in it finest! I recall hearing our Grand Lecturer state at Grand Lodge that he was opposed to having foreign degree teams confer here as the brethren might get ideas...

Brethren the time is upon us that we must stand up and be counted! Take the time to respectfully tell the Grand Master what your feelings are. You've very little Masonry left to lose if you don't and everything to gain if you do!

A Mason

Grand Lodge of West Virginia severs fraternal relations with Ohio

May 1st, 2010

The Grand Lodge of West Virginia has severed fraternal relations with Ohio.

More to come.....

New Site Software

January 10th, 2010

We have changed to WordPress... the spam was killing me....

For now I have linked the old site so that it is backed up for historical purposes.

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